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Does your ceiling have cracks or holes? Is your ceiling plaster coming off?

Do you have a sagging or water damaged ceiling? If yes, we can help you. Most homeowners have to repair their celling from time to time due to many reasons.

In this post, we are going to discuss the reasons behind the damaged ceiling and how to repair it. If the damage is minimal, you can do it yourself. But if the roof is in a really bad state, you need to hire professionals.

It is better to hire a professional to get quality results. You can hire our team of our licensed and insured Chicago Painters for affordable ceiling repair services.

Damaged ceiling:

It is very easy to identify a damaged ceiling. There can be many reasons behind it. You can avoid minimum damage like small holes and cracks. But soon, this little damage can turn into a big mess.

As soon as you notice a damaged ceiling, quickly get it repaired to avoid maximum damage.

If you avoid it for a long time, your ceiling may even collapse. It can be very risky, especially if you have kids around. Here we are going to discuss types and causes of ceiling damage.


Causes of damage:

The ceiling can be damaged because of many reasons. Here are a few causes of damage.

  • Water Leak

     It is one of the main reasons behind ceiling damage, it often leads to sagging, stains, and cracks and it may happen due to clogged gutters, roof leak, broken pipes, leaking pipes, bathroom leak, etc.

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  • Moisture

     Stains and molds may develop due to moisture in your home, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Problems with structure

     Sometimes, the structure of your home may not be able to handle the weight. Because of these cracks may develop in your walls and ceiling.

  • Age

    With age, your ceiling starts cracking and sagging. Like we develop wrinkles, our ceiling and walls also develop cracks.

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Types of ceiling damage:

Ceiling damage can be classified into various types. You need to identify the kind of damage in order to start the repair work. The ceiling repair process differs as per the type of damage.

  • Ceiling stains:

     Your nice and bright colored ceiling can quickly turn into a nasty black color due to damage. Ceiling stains are very common. If you notice any stains, promptly call a professional to check the underlying reason for the damage.

    Usually, there is another reason behind ceiling stains.

  • Ceiling cracks:

     Cracks appear in various sizes. You can easily find small cracks on your ceilings. But these small cracks will soon develop into big long cracks.

  • Ceiling holes:

     Ceiling holes are another common type of damage. You might ignore these small holes, but it can cause severe damage. Small insects start living in these holes, and if you don’t repair it, they will infiltrate the tour ceiling.

  • Bowed ceiling:

     Sometimes, your ceiling starts sagging. Parts of the ceiling will start falling off or hanging. If you don’t repair it soon, the ceiling will fall off.

  • Damaged plaster:

     Ceiling plaster starts coming off due to wear and tear. It looks really bad and spoils the entire interior of your home.

  • Peeling paint:

     The paint on your ceiling may start cracking and flaking with time. Sometimes there might be other reasons behind it.

  • Water damaged ceiling:

     You can clearly see a wet patch on your ceiling. Sometimes even water may drip out of it. You need to call professional painters in Chicago to fix it immediately.

  • Water damaged ceilings may often lead to other types of damage. Stains, cracks, sagging, and peeling of plaster and paint happens typically due to water damage.


Ceiling Repair Process:

Here we are going to explain to you about the ceiling repair process. These are the steps. You can either do it yourself or hire professional Chicago painters.

Accessing the type of damage: The first thing is assessing the damage. You need to find out the type and reason behind the damage. Like, sometimes, the reason behind the falling plaster can be a water leak.

  1. Tools, equipment, and materials:

In the next step, you need to prepare all the tools and equipment needed for the repair. Tools like a ladder, drill machines, drywall patch, plaster, sandpaper, and paint might be needed for the repair.

  1. Drain the water:

If the reason for the damage is water leakage, you need to drain the excess water. The ceiling cannot be prepped if there is water inside. You can make holes to drain the water.

  1. Remove the damaged part:

After the water is drained, you need to remove the damaged part of the ceiling. Cut out the wet and soggy drywall and remove the plaster. Don’t leave any wet patch behind.

What is a Ceiling Repair?

  1. Let the area dry:

Now you need to let the area dry. It is very important to dry the area thoroughly. Professionals use air movers and other equipment to dry the ceiling. You need to check the moisture level with a moisture sensor. 

  1. Install a drywall patch:

After the area is dry, you need to install a new patch of drywall to cover the gap. Now, installing drywall can be difficult, especially on the ceiling. You need to hire a professional for this. Check for drywall installation in Chicago to find a good professional painter.

  1. Fill the ceiling holes and gaps:

After the drywall is installed, you need to fill the existing holes and gaps with appropriate material. You can use a filling compound as well.

  1. Sand and smooth the ceiling:

Now you need to sand and smooth the dried material. It will give you an even finish to start your painting work. You can use sandpaper for this.

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  1. Paint the ceiling:

The last step is to paint the ceiling. Make sure the paint texture and color match your ceiling.


This is how the ceiling is repaired. The entire process is very complicated. You need high-tech machines and equipment to do it yourself. You also need professional knowledge and expertise to find the root cause behind your ceiling damage.

It is better to hire a professional. There are many painters in Chicago who provide ceiling repair services. You can contact them if you are facing any such problems.


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