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You can simply upgrade your curb attractiveness with a contemporary coat of paint on your home’s exterior. Use this beneficial how-to guide to finding out about priming the surface of your home, application techniques and problem-solving.

Painting the outside of your house is an enormous undertaking: you’ll like the right style of paint, quality tools and a few tips on getting the job done.

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One of the most trusted painting services company in Chicago, we pride that our Pro Chicago Painters take attention to the quality and affordability of your painting services. We offer a wide range of painting services in the Chicago and Chicago suburbs. Our painting services include painting new and old buildings from private houses and townhouses to apartment buildings and also painting commercial buildings and offices.

Pro Chicago painting services guarantees quality painting job, competitive prices, and 100% customer satisfaction. Pro Chicago Painters Services has skilled and professional painters that are ready to take on any painting project no matter what size. Our painters work hours are adjusted to suit your project and your work schedule. Fully licensed & insured for your security and guarantee.

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Exterior Painting Services in Chicago

Color Options

With exterior painting, make sure to require under consideration the fastened colors of your home: brick, stonework, and therefore the roof color, for instance. the most adulatory color treatments are people who work well with these existing components.

Contemplate selecting a color that may develop the color of a non-painted area—the brown that seems in your brick or a green highlight from your masonry, for instance.

Also, bear in mind that no home exists in isolation: Its look is full of the looks of neighboring homes and even the color of shrubs and trees around it.

you almost certainly don’t wish to color your home identical color as your next-door neighbor’s, however, you most likely do wish to pick a hue that may look engaging alongside it.

what is more, bear in mind of the actual fact that bound colors look additional reception inbound surroundings. for instance, earth tones are forever an honest selection in natural, woodsy areas, however, they will not be the simplest selection in other settings.

Exterior painting Services in Chicago

Paint Types

Extreme heat or cold, moisture, and prolonged exposure to the sun all take their toll on the outside of our homes. once paint deteriorates, cracks within the substrate are exposed and let damaging wet penetrate the house. a decent paint keeps severe weather on the surface, however, breathes to permit damaging wet vapor to flee from the inside.

These days almost each paint company offers their version of a weatherproof coating.

Elastomeric coatings that retain their flexibility and stretch over a large vary of temperatures have become in style solutions for homes in a storm or extreme weather regions. The relevancy to a bunch of surfaces adds to those products’ attractiveness.

Exterior Painting Process:

There are few steps included in this whole process which are as follows.

Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation is that the key to the paint job. There are several strategies of preparation and it’s vital for you and therefore the franchise to make a decision what preparation must be done to deliver the required result. Some strategies of preparation can facilitate the house last, whereas alternative varieties solely improve the whole.

Power Washing

The first step to doing an honest job is to confirm a clean surface. ought to any mildew be a gift, we are going to hand wash the area with TSP or a cleansing answer. Power washing the exterior walls removes all mildew, dirt and chalking paint to supply a firm base for the end coat to grab onto.

Power washing may also clean your exterior driveways, sidewalks and rock walls by removing grease, dirt, and moss. attributable to the facility of the machines, solely someone with specific coaching on this instrumentality is activity this step within the method.

Exterior Painting Services in Chicago

Drop Cloths Coverings

Chicago Painters can provide our own heavy-duty  canvas drop cloths. we are going to place all round the home wherever we are going to be activity any scraping. this may cover up your plants, cement or dirt and permits us to possess a better pack up at the top of the day. this may be helpful to you as we will develop all the scrapings, and, once the job is completed, it’s as if we weren’t even there.


Caulking may be a versatile sealer utilized in cracks wherever enlargement and contraction are anticipated, like around window and door frames. It prevents wet from entering into the cracks of the wood. it’s this wet that causes some paint failures around windows.

Only paintable latex caulking are used in your home. silicone caulking isn’t paintable and should be removed and replaced before a paint job because it is primarily designed for bogs.

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