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Popcorn Ceiling:

This ceiling is also known as an acoustic ceiling. In the 1960s and 1970s, people were crazy about this type of ceiling for the reason that was covering uneven ceilings and painters used to spray on the ceiling to give it popcorn-like texture. It was easy to apply.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Chicago

There was no need for a perfect finish. The whole point was to make the ceiling look rough and messy. It was mostly preferred to save money. The imperfections were easily hidden, and there was no need to paint. It was also used to absorb sound.

Popcorn Ceiling disadvantages:

Even though it was so hyped up, the popularity died down. 

  • Asbestos:

     It is a mineral used in the popcorn ceiling. In 1980 it was banned. This mineral causes lung cancer. It is toxic to you.

  • Rough:

     This ceiling has a rough finish. It looked extremely ugly and poor compared to the perfect paint finish on walls.

  • Dust and Cobwebs:

     The dust and cobwebs will get settled on the rough surface of your ceiling. You have to go through a lot of trouble to clean it.

  • Difficult to paint:

     As the surface is rough, you will not be able to paint the ceiling properly. The only solution left with you is to do is popcorn ceiling removal.

  • Difficulty in selling the house:

     If you have popcorn cleaning, people will not buy your house. Buyers are interested in modern design.

    The popcorn ceiling makes your house look dull and boring. It is also hazardous.


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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Chicago

Popcorn Ceiling Removal:

Because of all the disadvantages, people usually remove their popcorn ceiling—the process is not simple. If you want to change your ceiling, you need to hire a professional.

You can check our Services about Popcorn ceiling removal in Chicago and learn about our expert painters and the cost for your home/apartment.

Our crews are professional painters who specialize in popcorn ceiling removal services.

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These are the steps in the popcorn ceiling removal process.

  • Check for Asbestos:

     The first step is to check for asbestos. It is not safe to do it yourself. You should always contact a professional to do it. They will usually take a sample with the sampling kit and send it for testing.

    Popcorn Ceiling Removal Chicago

  • Prepare the tools:

     After that, prepare the tools and equipment needed for the process. You will normally need a ladder, special masks, gloves and suits, machines, and paint supplies.

  • Prepare the room:

     Once you have the tools, prepare the room. Cover the walls and floors with a plastic sheet to save it from damage.

  • Prepare the ceiling:

     After that, the ceiling needs to be prepared. Remove the fans and lights. 

  • Spray the ceiling:

     Prepare a mixture to spray on the ceiling. You need water and dishwashing liquid to prepare the spray. Once it is done, spray it on the ceiling.

  • Scrape:

     After spraying, you need to scrape the ceiling using machines or hand tools. It is safe to use a machine. The machine will create less mess.

  • Skim Coat:

     Finally when the popcorn ceiling is removed the painters will need to apply a skim coat to cover the damaged and uneven ceiling and prepare the surface for painting.

  • Paint:

     Now, you have to paint the ceiling with perfect and even finish. You are finally free of the ugly looking popcorn ceiling.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Chicago


Choosing the right painters:

The popcorn ceiling removal process is very risky and complicated. You need to hire professionals to do it for you.

You can choose Pro Chicago painters for this service. We provide quality and timely completion. Here, we will show you why to choose Pro Chicago Painters for removing popcorn ceiling.

  • Asbestos test:

     We make sure that our painters know how to test asbestos. Pro Chicago Painters specialize in popcorn ceiling removal and dealing with asbestos.

  • Licensed:

     Pro Chicago Painters are licensed to work and complete painting jobs in the area of Chicago IL and suburbs. 

  • Insured:

     Always choose painters that are insured therefore you will be safe from all the risks associated with the service while the painters working in your property, insured painters are covered for issues with property damage and small accidents.

  • Affordable:

     Choose affordable painters. Choose painters who provide a free quote to check their rates. Painters in Chicago provide free quotes to clients. Compare the rates and choose affordable services.

  • Tools and equipment:

     Make sure the painters have the appropriate tools and equipment required for removing the popcorn ceiling. 

  • Safety measures:

     Most importantly check if they use all safety measures and precautions because they are dealing with toxic substances, also make sure they wear masks, gloves, and proper uniform to finally complete the removal.

  • Wall and surface protection:

     Therefore choose painters who will take measures to protect your walls and surfaces from any damage. Painters first of all they will cover the areas with plastic sheets and floors with paper.

  • Branded paints and materials:

     Certainly make sure painters are using quality branded paints and materials instead of cheap paints, our  Chicago painters will buy the products as per your preference.

  • Privacy:

     Choose a professional painting company that the crew will certainly respect your privacy while working in your home and you make you feel safe. 

  • Completion on time:

     Check the painter’s timeline to know if they are able to complete the project on time. Make sure they complete it within the given time.

  • Reputed:

     Make sure the painters are reputed. Check online and ask around about their services.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

     Choose a painter who believes in customer satisfaction. Many painters provide a guarantee for their work. Choose someone who gives you a guarantee.

  • Rating & Reviews:

     Make sure the painter has good reviews. Check their ratings and read their reviews online.

  • Clean up:

     Finally the painters will clean the property after the popcorn ceiling removal service and prepare it for the owners so they can enjoy the new look and feeling of the Ceiling.


This is how you can choose the right painter for Popcorn ceiling removal. Pro Chicago painters meet all the above conditions and requirements.

If you want a quality service our painters in Chicago are well experienced, professionals and they will make sure the popcorn ceiling removal will be completed in your property.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services in Chicago

What is Popcorn Ceiling?

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