Why You Should Choose Fair Price Painters Instead Of Cheap Services?


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Have you ever had a bad painting experience? Many people fall into the trap of cheap painting services to save some money. It will definitely save you some money but at the cost of poorly painted and damaged walls. In the end, you will be the ultimate losers because now you have lived in a badly painted house with no guarantee. So in this post, we are going to discuss why you should choose fair price painters instead of cheap services.

Fair price painters: 

These painters are also known as Professional painters. They charge a bit more but provide quality services. They will also give you a guarantee. You can easily identify them by their professional behaviour.

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Cheap Painters:

Cheap painters are ordinary painters without much painting experience. They will charge you little less but spoil your walls. They will never give you a guarantee. You can identify them by their low prices and lack of guarantee.

Why choose Fair price painters and not cheap painters?

Here are some reasons why you should always select fair price painters for your painting work.


  • Fair price painters have many years of experience. It is one of the reasons why they charge more money. They have the necessary expertise to do the job.
  • Cheap painters are relatively new painters without much painting experience.


Completion on time:

  • Fair price painters will always complete the work on time. They have work schedules to follow.
  • Cheap painters will mostly prolong the work and finish it in haste to leave. In both scenarios, they will spoil the painting work.

Colour Painting ideas:

  • Fair Price painters know how to blend the colours to get the perfect shade. They will give a beautiful finish to your walls.
  • Cheap painters have less knowledge about mixing colours and shades. They will change the tone of the colour by mixing the wrong colours.

Painting techniques:

  • Fair price painters use various painting techniques to complete their work. They use a different kind of colours and tools.
  • Cheap painters know limited painting techniques. They cannot cover each and every corner properly.


  • Fair price painters are always insured. If there is damage or injury, they will be covered.
  • Cheap painters are not insured. If there is damage to property, they will not cover it.


  • Fair price painters always do the prep work like covering floors and surfaces.
  • Cheap painters don’t indulge in prep work.



  • Fair price painters are legally licensed.
  • Cheap painters work illegally as they don’t have any license.



Tools and quality paints:

  • Fair price painter has the necessary tools to complete the painting work. They also use quality paints.
  • Cheap painters don’t have all the tools. They buy cheap paints to save money.

Quality results:

  • Fair price painters provide 100% quality results.
  • Cheap painters rarely provide satisfactory results.

Clean –up:

  • Fair price painters always clean-up after the job is done.
  • Cheap painters leave the cleaning work for you.


  • Fair price painters provide work guarantee.
  • Cheap painters do not provide any warranty or guarantee.


These are all the reasons why you should always choose fair price painters instead of going for cheap services. The price difference between the two is minimal by the quality difference is huge.

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