Kitchen Cabinets PaintingHow to Achieve the Best Quality Finish 

Cabinets are the most important part of the kitchen!
However, with time the cabinet paint and smooth finish wear off. While installing new
cabinets is a good option, it is quite expensive.


If you have a limited budget but still want new shiny and smooth finish cabinets, you can
paint them instead.

It is a part of interior painting. When you repaint your kitchen walls, you can change the
cabinet paint as well.

However, painting walls is quite easy compared to painting on wood. So, you need to follow
a different approach.

It is quite difficult to achieve smooth fining while painting on wood. Because of this reason,
the majority of people hire professional painters.

But if you want to do it yourself, follow this guide. We will show you how to achieve the best
quality finish in your cabinet painting.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting:

When it comes to painting the cabinets in your kitchen, you need to choose the right type of
paint and primer to achieve the best results.

You also need to choose the right paint colour to match the interior painting.

For example, if you have dark blue paint in the kitchen, you cannot choose black colour for the cabinets. In
this case, the white colour will be more suitable.

If you don’t know which colour to use, you can check the painting catalogues. Most of
the painters provide free catalogue. It will help you to choose the right colour combination.

You can also these painters to paint the cabinet for you if you don’t have much painting
experience. It is better to shell off few dollars than to spoil the cabinets.


Things You Will Need for Cabinet Painting:

Here are the things you will need to complete the painting job. You will get all these things in
a local hardware shop.

 Paint:

You have two choices in paint. You can either choose oil paint or latex paint.
While latex paint dries quickly, oil paint is more durable. Both types of paint will
provide a good finish, but you need to choose the paint which is glossier.

It will give you a high-quality finish.

 Square Paint Brush:

You also need to purchase a square paintbrush. It will help you
to paint large surfaces in lesser time.

 Roller:

Apart from brushes, you will need a roller to smoothen all the brush strokes.
Buy a 4 to 6 inches roller.

 Angled Brush:

This type of brush will help you to paint the corners. Use a 2 to 3
inches brush.

 HVLP Sprayer:

If you don’t want to use brushes to paint, you can use a sprayer for a
smooth finish. Most professional painters opt for spray painting as it gives a high-
quality paint finish to the wood.

 Sandpaper:

You need to use sandpaper or an abrasive pad to sand the wood.

 Primer:

Before you paint the cabinet, you need to apply a coat of primer to get a
better finish. You need to use an oil-based primer.


How to Achieve the Best Quality Finish in Cabinets Painting?

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to achieve the best quality finish in cabinets

 Step 1: Empty the Kitchen

The first thing you need to do is empty all the items from your kitchen. If you have a kitchen
full of appliances, cutlery and dishware, you will not be able to do the job efficiently. You
can set up a temporary kitchen in some other part of the house.

 Step 2: Prepare the Room

In this step, you need to prep the kitchen. Make sure the kitchen is empty. You can use rosin
paper or newspaper to cover the counter and other surfaces. Use masking tape to cover the
walls near the cabinet.

 Step 3: Setup Worktable

Before you start the painting job, you need to set up a worktable. It will help you to easily
paint the cabinets without damaging them. You can use two small ladders and hooks to hang
the painted cabinet doors and shelves. It will help in quick drying.

 Step 4: Dismantle the Cabinet

In order to paint the cabinet, you need to dismantle it. You need to remove the doors, shelves
as well as drawers. Use a screwdriver to open the screws and remove the cabinet parts. Make
sure you label each piece to avoid mixing it.

 Step 5: Clean the Surface

Cleaning is the most important step. You need to clean all the surfaces and part of the
cabinets before you paint them. You can use an ordinary or strong cleaner to clean all the
surfaces. It will help you to remove all the grease, dirt and grime.

 Step 6: Remove Old Paint

It is better to remove old paint from the cabinet before you paint it. It will not only help you
to get a smooth finish but make the paint durable. You can use an abrasive pad to remove the
paint. Dip it in liquid deglosser and scrub the surface. You can also use a paint scraper to
remove the old paint. Lastly, you need to sand the surface and use a vacuum cleaner to
remove all the dust and scraped paint.

 Step 7: Prime the Cabinet

After removing the old paint, you need to prime the cabinet boxes. Primer helps to repair
stain and defects. You need to use an old-based primer.

 Step 8: Sand and Fill

Once the primer is dry, you need to sand the cabinet pieces. It will help you to smoothen the
wood. You need to use latex filler to fill the gaps and holes in the wood. Once it is dry, you
need to sand again.

 Step 9: Paint Cabinet

Once the cabinet boxes are smooth, you need to start with the actual painting. You can use a
brush or spray for painting. Most of the painters use the spray painting technique to achieve
better results. Apply 2 to 3 coat of paints. Between the coats, you need to sand the cabinet

 Step 10: Assemble Cabinet

Once the final coat of paint is dry, you need to assemble the cabinet. Make sure you assemble
all the pieces as per the numbers.

These are the steps you need to follow in order to achieve the best quality finish in your
cabinets painting. Make sure you follow all the steps and use the right materials for painting.

If you don’t want to undergo the hassle of painting the cabinets, you can approach painting

Most of the companies provide cabinet painting services as well. As they
are professional painters, you will get the best quality finish.


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