How To Achieve Quality Results In Kitchen Cabinet Painting

How To Achieve Quality Results In Kitchen Cabinet Painting


How_Professional_Painters_Achieve_Quality_Results In_Kitchen_Cabinet_Painting

Painting Kitchen Cabinets:

Have you ever heard of Kitchen Cabinet Painting? It is an alternative to remodelling the entire kitchen. Nowadays many people are choosing to paint their Kitchen cabinets instead of buying and installing new ones. Firstly Kitchen cabinets are super costly. So unless your cabinets are in really bad condition, you can choose the painting option. Painting cabinets saves time, money, efforts and gives a whole new avatar to your kitchen. You can choose bright pastel colours or metallic finish for your cabinets to match your kitchen design and paint.

How To Achieve Quality Results In Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Don’t Paint Kitchen Cabinet Yourself:

Now that people are aware of kitchen cabinet painting options, they simply assume that it is the same as painting walls. But don’t get confused, Kitchen cabinet painting and wall painting are two very different things. You might be good at wall painting but do not ever try painting a cabinet because that will land you in more trouble. The whole point of painting cabinets is to save money. Now if you spoil the painting work, you will have only two options,

  • Live with poorly painted kitchen cabinets
  • Spend more money in changing and installing new cabinets

The choice is yours if you want to take risks. In this post, we will discuss how professional painters paint cabinets to get quality results and how it is more complicated than it looks.


How professional kitchen cabinet painters achieve quality results?

Cabinet Finish: 

Professional painters know what type of finish will match the material of the cabinet. Example. Wooden finish for wood cabinets, metallic finish for metallic cabinets.

Cabinet Paint Colour: 

As they are professionals they know how colour will look after drying. They will help you choose the perfect shade of paint for your cabinets.

Painting technique: 

They know what painting technique to use, i.e. spray paint or brush painting technique. If you don’t use the right technique, you will spoil your cabinet.


Our Professional painters provide you with a catalogue of various creative kitchen cabinets painting styles. You can choose the style and design from the catalogue.

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They have the appropriate tools to work with cabinets. 

Multiple coats: 

We we will apply two coats of primer and minimum 2 coats of paint to achieve the perfect finish on your kitchen cabinets .

Wood Filler: 

Our Painters will also fill the gaps and cracks with wood filler before painting.

Prep Work: 

Cabinets painting means a lot of prep work. They will do all this by themselves to give your quality results. These are all the prep work they do.

  • Dissemble the Kitchen cabinets protect your kitchen walls and surface
  • Clean the cabinets
  • Smooth the cabinets
  • Sand the cabinets
  • Clean the Kitchen
  • Prime the cabinets
  • Paint for cabinets
  • Let the paint dry
  • Reassemble the cabinets



In the end of our painting project, we will clean-up all kitchen surfaces.

Timely completion: 

We also complete our work on time and schedule so that you can start using your kitchen again.


Our Professional painters provide a guarantee to deliver quality results up to 1 Year.


This is how our Chicago professional painters achieve great results in painting kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets Painting is not an easy job, and this is why you should always hire a professional to do it for you. Our painting company provides very fast virtual quotes and next day service. 




How To Achieve Quality Results In Kitchen Cabinet Painting?


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