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Are you tired of looking at the same interior in your home?
Well, all you need to do is repaint the walls!


If you want to transform your living space on a limited budget, the best option is to apply a
fresh coat of paint. There is no need to remodel or redesign the house.

New colour hues will change the entire look and feel of your home and attract much-needed
positivity. The majority of the people have been stuck inside their home since the beginning
of 2020.

Spending the entire day inside the home and looking at the same colours can be quite
overwhelming. In order to get a fresh start, most people are hiring painters to paint their

House Interior Painting

Interior Painting Wall Color Ideas:

When you paint the interior of your home, it is known as interior painting. As most of the
people are living in flats and apartments, they mostly choose to paint the interior of the home.
It includes painting the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, kids bedroom,
guestroom, bathroom, etc.

Each room needs a different paint colour to suit the theme. For example, the paint colour in
the living room will match the kitchen theme. So, when it comes to painting, you need to
choose different colours for separate rooms in the home.

The paint colour trends and ideas keep on changing with time. For example, if the beige
colour was popular in 2015, it might not be popular in 2021.

Because of this reason, you need to change the wall paint colour from time to time and
choose trendy ones. You can either go for a DIY project or hire professionals painters to
repaint the walls.

In order to hire professionals, you can approach any of the painting companies in your area
and get a quote from them.

Best House Interior Painting Color Ideas for 2021:

If you are planning to change the interior paint in your house, make sure you choose the best
colours as per the theme and design of your home.

Here are the best interior painting colour
ideas for 2021. You can choose from any of these trending colour hues.

1. Living Room Painting Color Ideas:

The living room is the most important part of your home. People spend most of their time in
the living room.

In order to create a better first impression and to make their home look
attractive, people choose only the best and trendy colours in the living room. Here are the
best colour ideas you can use to paint your living room walls.

 Neutral Colors:

In order to make your living room look spacious, you can paint it in
neutral colours like the soft tone of white and beige.

It will not only illuminate the room but make it look big and spacious. You can choose any colour from the neutral

 Shades of Green:

Green is one of the trending colours in 2021. You can use different
shades of green in your living room like sage green, bluish-green and green foliage.

As it is a colour of the environment, it will bring peace, freshness and positivity to your home.

 Gray Combination:

Gray is one of the most popular choices in Interior living room colours.

You can use different shades of grey in combination with other colours to make the
living room more attractive, decorative and sophisticated.

Gray compliments bright as well as dark colours in the home, thereby giving you plenty of combinations to choose

Here are the different combinations you can use.

 Gray and White
 Gray and Beige
 Gray and Orange

 Gray and Yellow
 Gray and Orange
 Gray and Green

 Beige Color:

This shade of colour never goes out of fashion. It is one of the most common choices in living room paint colour.

You can easily blend your furniture as well as other accessories in the home with this colour. So, if nothing seems to work
for you, you can choose a beige colour for your living room.

 Colour Combinations:

If you don’t want to use a single colour for your living room,
you can choose from all these colour combinations.

 Roses and Fuchsia
 Blue and White
 Neutrals and Orange
 Red and Beige
 Lilac and Purple
 Yellow and Neutrals
 Green and Beige

2. Bedroom/ Guest Bedroom Painting Color Ideas:

When it comes to bedroom painting, it is quite difficult to make a choice as there are plenty
of options.

You need to consider the furniture, lighting as well as your personality while choosing a paint colour for the bedroom. You can alternatively choose any of these colours to paint your master bedroom as well as your guest bedroom.

 Slate Blue:

It is the most trending colour you can use for painting your bedroom. It
makes your bedroom look calm and serene.

 Cream Color:

If you have light wooden furniture in your bedroom, you can
complement it with a cream colour.

 Light Green:

Earthy tones help you to make the bedroom look more cool and homey.

 Rose Pink:

It is one of the most comforting colours you can use for your bedroom.

 Bright White:

You can use this colour to make the bedroom look spacious and clean.

 Mustard Yellow:

It is the dark tone of yellow. If you want a vibrant colour, you can
use it.

 Gold Color:

This colour is the first choice of many painters as it makes the bedroom
look large as well as gives a royal and soothing touch to it.

 Colour Combinations:

If you want to use colour combinations in your bedroom,
here are some of the most popular choices.

 Rose and White
 Lighter and Darker Shade of Purple
 White and Creamy Apricot
 Yellow and Gray
 Terracotta and White

3. Kids Bedroom Painting Color Ideas:

If you have kids, you can use all these colours to paint their bedroom. It is better to use soft
shades and hues to make the room looks pretty and comforting.

Here are the popular house painting colour ideas.

 Yellow
 Aqua
 Lilac
 Sea Blue
 Light Pink

4. Kitchen Painting Color Ideas:

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. People spend nearly 30% of their time in the
kitchen. So, it is very important to make the kitchen look welcoming.

Here are some of the best colour schemes you can use in the Kitchen Painting.

 Pale Green:

This colour is very popular if you have white cabinets in your kitchen.

 Pastel Blue:

You can also use this colour to paint your kitchen. You can complement
it with modern appliances.

 Soft Gray:

The majority of people uses grey tones in their kitchen. You can use a
grey with other colours.

 Black and White:

This is a popular colour combination. You can use white and
complement it with black modern finish cabinets.

 Rustic Green:

This colour gives a soothing and welcoming look to your kitchen. It is
a regular kitchen colour.

5. Bathroom Painting Color Ideas:

Most people don’t give much credit to bathroom paint. However, if you want to make your
bathroom look more spacious and illuminating, you need to choose the right colour.

Here are some of the popular options you can choose from:

 Powder Blue
 Mustard
 Peachy Pink
 Warm Gray
 Off-White

These are some of the best interior painting colour ideas for different parts of your home/
apartment in 2021.

The majority of the painting companies offer these hues of colours. You
can approach these companies to hire professionals painters for a hassle-free paint job.